Be aware of cultural norms

Take into account cultural norms

If you must work with an unfamiliar culture, as a manager you must modify your behavior to suit cultural norms. This can be difficult especially if it makes you feel untrue. Try these three tips if you are faced with this situation. Identify the problem. Identify what bothers you. For example, in a culture that values ​​a different leadership style, are you struggling to provide clear guidelines?

cultural norms

Adjust your behavior. Make small but significant adjustments that are reflected in the culture you are working on and remain true to your values. You do not have to yell at employees, but you could be more assertive. Recognize the value. While you may have to behave in a counter-intuitive way, you should focus on the desired outcome.

Involve employees every day

As a director dealing with employees who lack enthusiasm for their work or do not feel connected to the company is a big hurdle. Follow these three tips to engage your people every day: Facilitate progress. Employees feel committed when they move toward goals. Provide clear objectives and resources to support your progress.

Do the meaningful work. Your company does not need a high mission for its employees to pay attention. They simply have to see how their actions contribute to the value of the company, as well as a service or product. Reward and recognize. Do not wait to reach the goal. Show appreciation every day for the work your employees are working on.

It is likely that your high-performing staff will be the only ones capable of delivering solutions that challenge inefficiencies, drive new processes, and create new opportunities. Your best employees may not want to work on these issues, but it is their job to get you excited about turning boring work into essential work.