Compare the performance of the aforester

The National Commission for the Retirement Savings System presented Monday a new tool with which you can compare the performance of each of the 11 Adores in the Mexican market. Thus the organization seeks to stimulate greater competition in the Retirement Savings System in addition to providing it with greater transparency. The tool called Operational Radiograph of the afore will graphically and easily display the most relevant operational information of each Retirement Fund Administrator afore said.

Compare the performance of the aforester

In this way, the more than 57 million savers will now have all the relevant operational and financial information of the Afores in a practical format that will allow them to evaluate the performance of each afore authority abounded. This after in May 2016 the first published the Financial Radiography of afore an effort now complemented by its operational counterpart the commission added.

The Operative Radiograph of afore contains for the first time information on the evolution over time of the recorded and assigned accounts of each afore and its relative position in the list of the 11 administrators. Information on the transfers received and transferred as well as the quality of their transfers if the transfers were to another manager with a higher or lower net return the amount of contributions received during the period the amount of total withdrawals and Such as unemployment withdrawals.

It also includes information on Fore’s voluntary savings collection and its relative position the rest of the industry Income total expenses commercial expenses and net profit of each Afore as well as its commission among others. If people decide to change the level of risk of their retirement savings, they can make a profit.

In April, all physical persons who receive income from business activities professional services (fees) leasing and salaried employees who have had income of more than 400,000 pesos a year or who have changed jobs once or several times in the year must present their declaration Of tax 2016.

The Tax Administration Service (SAT) platform which is expected to be ready this week will have pre-loaded data on your revenue so filling will be more agile. According to SAT figures, the number of contributors has increased annually as well as collection. Last year, in April, 3.3 million ISR declarations were presented and 132,995.9 million pesos were collected.

Companies are the ones who make your monthly payments. If you are going to present your annual return, you must notify them by December that you need your retention sheet, so that in March, you can receive it and with it, you present your annual return.

This is done in case your income in the year has exceeded 400,000 pesos, you have changed jobs in the year or you want to deduct taxes. It will also present statements those who have received income from separation employment or retirement adds Morales.

The annual statement is necessary because there are taxpayers who have several sources of income. For example, they can be salaried and at the same time has a company or work as a freelancer. So they have two-way income says Gaeta. The annual declaration serves to approve the data recorded by the employer who submitted his statement no later than February 15 or the monthly statements that you previously made against your final records at the end of the year.

This is the time when you can deduct taxes and get balance in favor. Whether you want, it returned in your bank account or the SAT takes it because of the payment of your future taxes. The system will give you the option to make your own calculation or that you make yours, if you opt for the second option, consult with an accountant.