How to prepare your business to be able to import without risks?

If you want to go to the international market to solve a need for a customer or bring the raw material to continue operating, this is what you need to know. Colombia remains a country with many opportunities for SMEs, especially for those businesses that are looking to be successful exploring outside their countries. Although at this time, the dollar / peso exchange rate makes import less attractive the truth is that entrepreneurs manage to cope with this situation.

prepare your business

According to the National Administrative Department of Statistics (DANE), in January 2017, US $ 3.53 billion were imported an increase of 0.3% compared to the same month of 2016, when the figure reached US $ 3,519 million. By product groups, the agricultural sector had a growth of 13.5% with imports of $ 537.9 million dollars, in manufactures imported $ 2.7 billion dollars, fuels with $ 288.3 million dollars and other products $ 3.7 million was imported.

Colombia is a country of SMEs, according to the unique business, social register (rues) 94.7% of the companies is micro enterprises, and 4.9% are small and medium-sized companies that generate around 67% of jobs. So it is an interesting market that carries out between 5 and 8 shipments per month, according to the signature of logistics services.

If you want to start your independent project, we tell you 10 business ideas for 2017. Buying supplies, commercial samples and everything else required by the companies directly in the country of origin is a good practice in terms of savings. Thus, the entrepreneur avoids paying the commissions of distributors and local representatives of foreign brands, accessing the same products at a lower price.

What you need to know

First, you have to learn the different ways to import some manage their costs depending on physical and volumetric weight and offer longer delivery times. Another method is to use Courier service with longer delivery times and using fast delivery companies where only physical weight is charged and shipments are up to 50 kilos and worth starting at $ 2,000 dollars.

A logistics services company is a great help for SMEs that are just beginning in their import processes and have no experience in the subject, because they receive specialized advice, avoid procedures, make a single process, have a single payment, and guarantee the Operation, among other advantages.

The keys to import successfully

Select supplier abroad: have telephone contact, via email, visit your page, know location address, which has all the specifications and certificates of the product to import. When starting the negotiation of a product or service should make clear: price, guarantees, availability of inventory and payment methods.

Select a logistics provider: you must find one that guarantees delivery to your destination in Colombia and has benefits ​​such as insurance against all risks of the merchandise, efficient delivery times, online tracking, customer service, compliance with transportation regulations, among other.

The importer must have all the documents: those required for the nationalization of the merchandise and have a customs agent if required. It is important that the entrepreneur makes sure to import the items through a company that provides a guarantee that covers even the costs of international return. Some only cover returns for damages or losses. There are already options in the market that guarantee even simple dissatisfaction with the item.