In what actions to invest for 2018?

Preparation is the key to making the best decisions and to achieve a clear objective in the term proposed (short, medium or long) you need to have a strategy. This works for any type of situation; for example, to achieve the dreamed work, as can be a company manager. The strategy will be to study what will be to the position, have a second language. The dream company and give their best to obtain the position.

In what actions to invest for 2018

This is the same for investments and the main ‘wolves’ of Wall Street (United States). Where the largest financial center in the world is, anticipate what will happen to the markets. With figures in hand, read reports and take the pulse of the economy of the countries where their resources are. That is why the ‘King Midas’ of the capital market like Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch or John Templeton hire the best experts and, based on recommendations, define the fate of their portfolios.

You can start to imitate them and for that, it is to know what market analysts think so that 2018 starts with the ‘right foot’ in terms of investments. Before talking about what could happen and how that will affect the actions, we remind you of what happened in this 2017, which to be honest, ‘practically is over’.

A hard year

The 2017 presented important changes in the local and global scope. As for what happened in the Colombian economy, consumers felt impoverished by the increases brought by the tax reform (19% VAT, cell phone tax, plastic bags tax) and this slowed down consumption. The government rained with all the criticism and the corruption problem broke out due to the bribes, which stopped the main works of the 4G road concessions.

The culmination of the peace process brought with it the doubts of implementation. The country continued to polarize around whether or not they supported the reintegration of the members of the FARC. At the international level, things did not go well either. Trump continued to challenge North Korea with responding to the threats of leader Kim Jong-un. However, the worst has happened. The tax reform already had its effect in the country and oil is recovering in the international price of the barrel.

It is good news for the company that if it is doing well, the country is good for it. There is a feeling that 2018 may be a year of rebound, but how much and how can it affect the stock market? The research department of this firm recognizes that there are still important risks. The delays of 4G infrastructure works and the slow economic recovery, which can limit the progress of the Colombian, market, especially in the first months of next year.