Mistreat the ATM before you withdraw money

Imagine that you are happily getting money out of an ATM. You play your card cheerfully enter your PIN cheerfully and enter the amount to withdraw from the cashier. Maybe everything is going well and after finishing the operation you take your card and your money without more. Or a cybercrime may have stolen your data.

Mistreat the ATM

That is what some photos show a security expert who talks about an example of a skimmer , a false hole for credit and debit cards that is responsible for recording all the information, and that works alongside small cameras that They record our PIN as we enter them. Pull a little of the skimmer to see if it is real and of course plug the introduction of the secret code.

ATMs handled for fraud

In these images, you can see how that slot with a plastic cover looks perfectly normal. Until one takes a good, look and realizes that there is something in the bottom right of it. A chip precisely is responsible for reading the data of the card and the transaction.


Do you see that little chip in the bottom right of the slot? There is proof that you are before a manipulated cashier. Notify the branch as soon as possible. That skimmer does not act alone and in that cashier that was in the cashier the zone of extraction of the money also seems normal. If we examine it, a little we will see a small hole in the upper right much hidden and behind, the Which (surprise) there is a button camera embedded to capture the introduction of the PIN.


That fake casing for the exit of the money hides a camera to go capturing the PIN codes of the users who accede to the cashier. These photos show that these types of devices to commit bank fraud are much more widespread than they might seem.

In this case not only there are cameras that capture it that is why blocking that PIN input is so important. Also physical key loggers such as the image that overlays the real keyboard to go capturing those codes. Pull the slot to insert the card to see if it gives in see if you see any suspicious chip inside and do not forget we insist to cover you are PIN.