New business ideas for 2018

If you are thinking about starting a business, probably your number one problem is what new business ideas you can put in 2017-2018. It does not just happen to you, it  happens to many of the people who want to make the leap to entrepreneurship and be owners of their time with a business model that allows them to earn a living. Many people who are unemployed and do not expect to work again for others as the only alternative to get out of unemployment, are giving it a spin like you, to new business ideas that can work in these times and in your specific market. It is a very frequent conversation I have with people who are in this situation. In which I always imply as if I was in the skin of those who have the problem, listening carefully to ideas and proposals trying to help. It is always interesting to do the exercise of thinking about business ideas that can work in your city or times that are running.

New business ideas for 2018

I recently had the opportunity to talk about this topic with a girl who is a great generator of ideas and who told me about some business ideas that I want to share with you. I hope he does not get angry. They seem to me very good ideas, that they serve as a reference or to inspire you.  One of the new business ideas for 2017-2018 that may not be in your city, especially if it is a medium or small city is a home plate service. It seems silly, but many people do not have time and so the problem is solved. Besides avoiding discussions at home for very little money, you free up free time for yourself. In addition, of course it is something that already works in bigger cities, but that can work in smaller ones.

It is not that it is an innovative idea. But it can be a business is not present in your city. That is why it can be a new business idea 2017-2018 works with little investment. It is also that you do not need much to start rolling.  One or two people in charge, you do not have to be you are only. They move around the city by bike from home to home doing the tasks and tasks of ironing you can manage via the web, WhatsApp or through an app, which tells customers the hours available in which you can request a service iron at home. If you set up the company in the end, you go to margin and you get a benefit for the volume of work.

Another new business idea for your city can be a business of creative design of decorative items for home, beads or simple design items to dress. T-shirts, handkerchiefs, scarves or beach bags with an artisan design. You can mount something direct sale, by word of mouth or online sale. Mr Wonderful it started more or less like that. There is always room for another design artist to provide different shapes and styles that make them fall in love.

The new businesses are often new versions of old businesses that worked and needed an update. You never know. If you put love and passion, surely you do not lack customers. Really, there are people out there with a lot of talent. If you are one of them, do not be afraid and throw yourself. There is a lot of market for one more. Another 2017 business idea is based on knowledge. They can be your knowledge or you can put to work people who have that knowledge or skills.


The first of the new businesses for your city is the nutrition workshops or seminars. Yes, I know. There are already. There are many places where they can give you that service. The truth is that people eat fatal. We have no idea what we eat and how it affects us. Many people would do well to learn to eat better, because we all want to improve our health and see ourselves better when we look in the mirror. With which there is room for more and in a different form.

There is a very powerful buying motivator for a nutrition service or a nutrition workshop. In a local, doing workshops for small groups or you can do it online. The idea is much more than saying that you can or cannot eat and calculate the calories you should put into the body daily. It is about teaching people to eat better, because we are what we eat. You can cure or prevent diseases with a good diet adapted to each person. Another idea of new business 2017 for your city, especially if they are medium or small cities, also has to do with food. If I already know that the Just eat app and the red fridge are hitting hard, but in small cities usually what you find are kebabs and pizzerias. There is not in the city or because there are not all the food places in the application.