Organizational behavior concepts


The Organizational Behavior is a discipline that manages to gather contributions from various disciplines. That based on the behavior, psychology, anthropology, sociology, political science among others. Every time there is more evidence about the determining role of the organizational culture to achieve better levels of performance and competitiveness of companies. This has led to an increase in interest in its study. In the case of Colombia, research on the subject has not been investigated.

Organizational behavior concepts

This work is responsible for doing so from the review of studies published in indexed journals. The results show that the research on the subject is incipient. A recent survey revealed that organizational culture is essential for employees. According to this survey, the organizational culture has a great impact on the morale, productivity and satisfaction of the workers of a company for which in times of crisis such as those of the last two years.

Fundamentals of individual behavior:

To relate individual behavior and it’s most interesting elements with the behavior patterns that individuals assume within organizations. We must start by illustrating what the behavior or behavior and its different manifestations, elements and influencing factors mean. We will define behavior as the individual’s way of being and the set of actions he carries out to adapt to his environment. Behavior is the response to a motivation in which psychological, physiological and motor components are involved. As we are relating individual behavior with organizations, understanding that these are social elements. It is interesting to know how social psychology focuses on the behavior or behavior of man being the main areas of research the following.

The change of attitudes, which usually considered as, learned predispositions that exert an influence and that consist in the response towards certain objects, people or groups. The types of attitudes toward authority, as well as the notion of authoritarian personality, related to certain aspects of social behavior. Interpersonal communication social psychologists consider language and communication as central to the organization of social life.