Put a personal financial advisory in your life

For many important steps and decisions, it is very common to go to a professional adviser. Thus, we use the services of an attorney to solve our legal doubts or we go to a tax adviser to make the tax return make the VAT returns or keep us informed about the tax schedule. At the same time the markets have behaved in a disparate manner with large increases in the US and globally and planes in Europe. All this causes the saver does not know which products or investment strategies are most appropriate to achieve their objectives.

personal financial

Financial advice

When it comes to our money we obviously do not trust anyone although it is usual to search the internet or ask the “friend who knows banks” in which entity give the most profitable deposit or which fund has given more performance. There are also different product comparators deposits mortgages in which you can check yields and interest rates.

However, is the product that has obtained the highest profitability the one that best suits us? Possibly none of the above options will give us information about which product is the most appropriate given our personal situation and needs. Until very recently to receive “professional” financial advice we had to go to our bank reference office and ask directly where I can invest my savings.

The recent banking crisis has taught us that the client’s needs are often not aligned with those of the financial institution. Thus, the advice received has been based more on what the bank specified than in the personal circumstances of the client we have been able to verify with the experience of the preferential the information on the clauses soil or the level of indebtedness caused by mortgages.

Why has a personal financial advisor?

The Financial Advisor is a trained person who will accompany you throughout your life with your finances to advise and recommend depending on your needs. You are not going to “place” the most appropriate product for the financial institution. According to wikipedia the Financial Advisor is the professional who helps to discover the financial needs analyzing past present and future circumstances of his client taking into account the age available assets tax rate professional and family situation and other investments that may be available.

Once you have analyzed your risk profile and your needs the consultant will carry out your investment recommendations advising you as your circumstances and needs change and adapting them to the current situation.  As indicated on the website of EFPA the European association certification advice and financial planning asset it is important that the client understands that is not the same trust their savings to a financial certificate qualified adviser and that someone who it is not. The qualified financial advisor will know that you have a level of knowledge and skills to exercise financial advice and give you more security when entrusting the destiny of your money.

To have a financial advisor it is not essential to have great assets it is only necessary that you are interested in distributing well your saving capacity and heritage always depending on your situation objectives and needs. From here, as a person worried about your finances since you are reading this financial blog I recommend that you listen to the opinion of a professional on how to organize your finances and savings and I am at your disposal as a personal finance advisor.