Saving always a tough goal for each year

Start the new year one of the most recurring purposes or goals is the theme of Savings. Now if you do not have the custom you have to keep in mind that this will not be a pleasant journey. Pink. Rather a struggle In favor of what we want to achieve so this blog gives you a few tips to take into account to be able to get ahead of this purpose in this New Year.

Saving always

Detection: The first thing is to find the reality in which you are, for the same esteemed reader ask yourself why I cannot save money ? I make unnecessary purchases. The first is to locate the causes. Once these questions are asked the personal exam throws a point worthy of some kind of observation usually the problems come from the income side most of the times what we earn is not enough but it is because our expenses are very high. You have to make an adjustment in the expenses that you can cut.

Determination: We must take into account that when we save is with a purpose in mind, for which we strive it is best to impose a personal goal trip, car, appliance, vacation or a simple whim it is best to start with Determination in saving for small things.

Here is the most difficult subject of the matter, dear reader you must work on strengthening your self-control because we cannot always have what we want, and if we are fully determined to save, we will find some point where our luxuries or expenses have been Which cut.

No Loans: If you want to follow your lifestyle to pure Credit Card let me tell you my dear reader that you are lost and you are digging your own financial grave so to speak, loans and credit cards are specifically for investments, real needs Or emergencies.

There are no magic formulas for saving everything depends on our self-control and determination to achieve it, it is good to try to be part of the minority since a study conducted by revealed that only four out of 10 people count With an emergency fund to face a financial disaster.