Scientific reasons why some people are more successful than others

From FP we have listed a set of actions that can guide you to be like millionaire people. Business founders or celebrities due to their personal traits, become the benchmark of humanity. We do not necessarily refer to all the money that someone can accumulate. For example, the Dalai Lama can be a model of success of these generations of young people. Whose search is oriented to mental fullness to achieve the best state of being? Others may admire an explorer. A scientist like Neil Tyson has his own television programs and series to explain complex theories of the universe to ordinary citizens.

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Others do look at the material and seek to look like the Hollywood stars, the millionaires of Wall Street or the founders of Facebook or Google. The truth is that working to achieve success brings a high dose of effort. For example, Warren Buffet reads more than 100 pages every day. Bill Gates is dedicated to philanthropy; Richard Branson is passionate about high-risk sports. Therefore, we can list a list of habits of these people going through Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama or Serena Williams.

For this reason, we have said on this site what millionaires do on a Friday afternoon. For example is to thank each one for the well-done work of the week. Or that successful people look for beings as successful as themselves, because they say for something that ‘silver calls silver’. In addition, with the entire scientific rigor, we have tried to discover why some human beings are more prone to success, while others do not. In addition, on this subject, John Rampton, of Entrepreneur VIP made a recount of the scientific studies of neuroscience can explain this fact. Here we make a recount of the most recent facts:

Motivation: find it in the head

The motivation must found in the brain, in an area known as the nucleus accumbes, according to academic research. It is in this small section that neurotransmitters send chemical messages to the rest of the body. These neurotransmitters help us to be alert, focused and in that part of the brain that influences things like completing a project or going to the gym.

In motivation, one of the most important neurotransmitters called dopamine. This chemical signal passes information from one neuron to the other. When dopamine arises in a first neuron and it released. It floats between the empty space (the synapse) between the first and second neurons. In addition, while it moves between neurons, it hits several receptors.

That is essentially half the brain to the cerebral cortex. Without becoming very specialized, this process seems to be the brain’s most rewarding path. During the trip, one of the stops for dopamine is the nucleus acumens. When there is a surplus of dopamine, in this space the feedback detonated to predict the rewards.