Tips to be a global entrepreneur

However, transcending borders is a complex task that requires solid preparation and a highly ambitious vision.

Advice to an entrepreneur

  1. The first advice: to be very clear about why He is doing just that and not another thing
  2. Have a true mastery of the vertical in which you are going to undertake.
  3. Have a solid expertise.
  4. Have experience in the sector or in that vertical.

Tips to be a global entrepreneur

  1. Be aware that the success stories that create fantasies -like Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Have a lot of history behind (Zuckerberg had been programming since he was 10 years old, had done many things before arriving at Harvard and has an incredible intellect that allowed him to do what he did).
  2. Arm teams: It really takes a long time to master a vertical. When we talk about technology, if the person does not have technical expertise and experience, they have to surround themselves with people who do.
  3. Understand the point of view of the business and know very well why it is going to be undertaken within that vertical.
  4. Do not rely on the fantasy that I make an App because I see that I need it and because I believe that no one in the world is developing it (that is not enough to generate a truly successful project).

  1. the most important thing: take into account how the world works.
  2. Understand that the reality of your region or your country is not equal to the global issue. In the world of technology at the international level, barriers are broken and distances no longer exist).
  3. Today there is a lot of access to information and that means that a person, in a village in Africa, can have the same access to knowledge and information as another person in the Silicon Valley.
  4. Be very clear about the status of the sector in which you want to start; not see it only in terms of the reality of the place. Try to understand how that fits into the global ecosystem.

The best Latin American cities to be an entrepreneur

  1. First, it must be said that each city has its particularities according to its geography and the dynamics of the country.
  2. Rio and São Paulo are vibrant places, but are more focused on the Brazilian domestic market.
  3. Buenos Aires: has a more global look. In addition, it has several success stories of companies that managed to internationalize and even go public in the United States.
  4. Bogota and Monterrey: they have much more relation with Miami (from the point of view of the back office) than Argentina or Brazil.
  5. There is a global change in the consideration that different societies have of entrepreneurs.
  6. The success stories of entrepreneurs in the United States are known throughout the world.
  7. In Latin America several cases achieved a very strong impact on their society and the economies of their regions, which deserves much recognition.