Violence will have access to financial services

Thanks to the alliance, the inhabitants of 233 municipalities affected by the conflict will be able to access better rural financial services adjusted to the specific characteristics required by Colombian farmers and peasants. This program is part of the portfolio of rural financial services launched by the United States Embassy in the first half of 2016 and seeks to stimulate economic growth and stabilization in territories that have been affected by the armed conflict.

financial services

Through this initiative, the government of the United States promotes the expansion of the financial services of private banks to rural municipalities that are difficult to access. At the same time, they strengthen the capacity of banks to provide loans to micro, small and medium entrepreneurs.

Thanks to support from the United States government, through its Agency for International Development (USAID), financial institutions will be able to offer loans with more favorable terms to a larger group of clients.  In addition, USAID will provide technical assistance to banks that are part of this initiative to strengthen their capacity to provide financial services. That is better suited to the realities of the populations in these territories.

It is very timely to present this alliance in a week where we all hope for a new stage for Colombia. We join USAID in delivering financial solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises operating in rural areas and to those Colombians who have no possibility of financing for the development of their productive projects. We are convinced that initiatives such as these contribute to regional progress and well-being. It is noteworthy that through this alliance we will develop a joint work in 233 municipalities of our geography.