What to do if you have problems paying your credit?

Having a home of your own is the dream of many however it is not easy to get one. There are enough options including loans with banks. One of the most resorted in the country. What happens when the economic situation becomes unpromising?

paying your credit

What happens if we are fired from work, if our income decreases or if a disability arises and you have a credit? With the collaboration of the National Employment Service of the Ministry of Labor provides you with the job portal where you can find many opportunities such as:

Payment Protection Fund

The Payment Protection Fund is for loans contracted from 2009 and is made up of the contributions of 2% of the monthly amount. That are deducted from the workers on their payroll for the payment of their credit paid this insurance you can assert your right to use it.

What benefits do you get from using your right to the Payment Protection Fund? With a significant payment each month the fund will cover the supplement to cover 100% of the monthly payment and thus for six months you keep abreast of your credit payments. Keep in mind that this support can be enjoyed every five years.

Full extension

Under the Act when a worker loses his or her job, he or she has the right to an extension for the payment of his / her credit for 12 consecutive months or 24 at most during the life of the credit.

Take into account that during the full extension will not ask you to pay. Your debt will be increased by the accrual of interest meaning that at the end of your extension. The balance of your credit will be greater than when it began and will increase the term in That you will finish paying for it.