Winning ways to take advantage of your profit sharing

For many employees the profits go like water because they have already acquired many commitments or just this income is not enough. However, no matter how much you get for this concept, you can always take advantage of it. In this regard, Medina, Marketing Manager of Persuader, gives you some recommendations.

profit sharing

Pay your debts

There is nothing better than living without debts, it is advisable to pay them or pay a considerable amount so that your debt is reduced. The rest you can pay more easily, as the monthly payments are reduced.

Save for emergencies

We can all have some urgency. One idea would be not to touch this money and better save it to create that emergency fund that you do not have. That would now allow you to cover other contingencies or needs. Even more, if you run out of work, that capital could help you live a few months while you find where to locate.

Home repairs or car maintenance

Having a property, however large or small, or a car, always requires a repair or a “cat hand.” From repairing a leak, changing a molten bulb, changing tires or parts of the car, will represent an expense that will affect your economy.

Invest your money

If you have no needs now it would be advisable to invest your money so that the yields add up to your bank account. In the market, there are several investment mechanisms with excellent benefits, so make money! According to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security (STPS), the deadline is May 31 for companies to grant their workers the payment of profit sharing while employers who operate as natural persons have until 30 June. How CEOs can handle strategic tensions these are credit cards with the most expensive annuity 5 tips to celebrate mom without fading Pemex achieves net profit of 87.935 million pesos.