With these tips you will become a successful seller

The sales strategy can be equally important to the quality of the product because in this globalized world of strong competition the ability to know how to sell can make a difference. Here are some tips to get it right and grow your business.

successful seller

According to the latest employment opportunities newsletter made by the Employment Service a page specializing in job offers, sellers will be in high demand in 2017. In the services sector, which grew 10.92% over last year and this is the most required with 12,392 job vacancies quite far from the second most demanded occupation are employees call center with 6,772 vacancies.

In the commerce sector, sellers are also the ones that have the most attention for talent hunters, as there are 1,405 vacancies available. On the other, hand also the employees of control of supply in the sector of services with 2.783.

What does a successful salesperson have?

These are the characteristics that if developed can become a person who gets what he wants and pursues high goals in business.

They know how to listen

A good seller is not the one who accelerates by repeating the same speech that tells everyone, neither is it who does not know the customer. The successful sales clerk is the one who listens more than he does or she speaks is a person aware of the great potential of this action, because in doing so, he is able to understand what the customer is looking for. Afterwards, he knows that it is time to start investigating he knows that to sell is better to ask questions than to give answers.

A good strategy is to find out what products the consumer uses and if he is comfortable with them, if the price is comfortable. If things work as they want. The idea is to show that your offer can to improve the user experience. If for some reason the client is agitated or upset, it is important to know how to read that situation and ask if it is a good time to talk. Otherwise, it is good to keep in touch and try to sell on another occasion.

Has empathy

Empathy consists of putting yourself in the other’s shoes being able to understand their emotions. It is about watching. Listening carefully keeps in mind what the consumer is feeling. Realize that it is what you are looking for and thus satisfy your desires. You have to be able to have the same feelings of your interlocutor adapt your behavior to connect with him and make the sale.

Here is a simple example: suppose you have a frequent user, you know who he is and what he does. He even knows details of his life, knows if he has children or if he is married. One day, just before calling him he realizes in the news that the company where he works is in crisis there may be massive layoffs. Even liquidates the company. Knowing this instead of ignoring the situation and trying to sell it as you normally do first asks the person for his condition let him know that it is important for you to know that he is well. In this way, you are building a relationship. Want to know that other professions are being demanded we recommend these are the 10 professions most wanted by the labor market

Good at problem solving

If you are good at problem, solving this can help you create new ways to meet the needs of your customers. The idea is for them to trust that you are able to meet their financial and emotional needs by selling their products. It is important for them to understand that you know what they are looking for in a way it helps to prove that your business is reliable and they are safe.

To do this, as we mentioned before, it is important to have empathy you have to be completely sure of understanding the consumer’s need. A good trick can be to help the customer visualize a more desirable situation, then try to look for a bridge so that the consumer can move from his dissatisfaction to a position closer to what he wants. Do not forget that you must communicate your solution well this will help your client make an easier decision.

Can build relationships

People usually do business with whom they like. A sales specialist is a formal person without a frown. He always responds in a good way because he knows that it is a way to leave the door open to customers who do not buy he is sure that if his offer and the attention was good they may be tempted to return.

Remember that the important thing is not to think in terms of sales it is more important to build a business. Thinking beyond sales will get the attention of your consumers you will create value around your work. You will get references that you can capitalize on. If you do this, your brand will survive beyond the sales that have been made.


It is what helps to maintain balance when things are not going well. It is important to know how to interpret events if you have an optimistic attitude you will be aware of the possibilities you have. You will have confidence in your work. For example if the days start with few sales, this can affect the performance. Mood of someone not optimistic during the day an optimistic person will not be afflicted by that because he does not see sales lost as a failure for that person Is just an opportunity to improve.

A satisfied consumer will bring more customers keep in mind that sales that are made are always a door to new relationships and business. A good salesperson is the one who identifies the potential customers and spends more energy in doing business with them.