You can improve your mortgage

Despite the ongoing adjustments to interest rates, banks continue strong competition with each other to attract new customers and even make some shedding their mortgage. According to SOC Advisers Mortgage still it is desirable to improve your current mortgage is that as you know, our country, at least in the last two years, has had the lowest levels in interest rates in the mortgage banking Commercial, reaching levels of up to 7.3 percent since 24 of the year 2000.


Stipulates that it is an excellent time to improve a mortgage as both rates, insurance and other expenses continue placing at attractive levels for those who today want to buy a house through a mortgage loan. There has been the mortgage broker for 15 years, who is a specialist who helps people to choose the most convenient credit according to their profile and needs, all without cost because the bank that the client chooses is the one will pay his fees.

If you have a good credit history you acquired your mortgage with a higher rate to 12 percent with the bank and still have a term greater than 15 years payment, you are eligible to apply the change mortgage to improve your condition, says the firm. The firm states that these credits are also likely to be changed, all those who have a mortgage in finality Total in times Minimum Wage You can change.

This is the bank with the most complaints about fraud

In most of these cases people do not see their debt reduced as it is adjusted each year in January with the increase of the minimum wage, in addition to having a rate of approximately 12 percent plus operating and administrative expenses. The mortgage is one of the most expensive. We suggest to those who have already completed the three years that the Institute demands to keep credit, to analyze the current options of commercial banks to change their mortgage in better conditions.


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